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What is the Domino Engagement System?

Domino Feedback is the only survey you need, simplified, easy to use, and provides you with actionable insights on your customers. Use our scale to learn from your customers what you need to domino them from an 8 to 10, helping them become fans of your business.

Domino your customer from Frown to a smile

Domino your customer from smile to a happy

Domino your customer from happy to a Big Smile

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Is There A Demo I Can See?

Yes, you can check out our free demo to see Domino Feedback in action in sending emails, and how your customers fill out your survey.

Do You Offer Yearly Upgrades?

We upgrade the software on an ongoing basis. As long as you are subscribed you’ll have access to the latest customer relationship tools that we offer.

Are The Plans Affordable?

Our plans range from $19 a month to $99 and we also have custom levels for larger businesses.

How Fast Is Your Support Team?

You’ll receive reply to your question or issue within 24 hours. We believe in helping you at every step of the way so you are completely happy with the solution.

Turn Your Customers Into Fans

Know what your customers think about your product because their feedback truly matters to you. After all, your sales depend on your customers coming back. A lost customer is lost revenue.
Use Domino Feedback to help you turn your customers into fans. We’ll help you gather the insights that truly matter to your business, and to keep revenue growing for you.

Every Customer Matters to You

Do your customers know they matter to your business? All too often, customers only hear back when they give negative feedback. We help you respond effectively to both negative and positive feedback with our Domino Feedback tools.

The Greatest Customer Service Tool

Domino Engagement System helps you build stronger relationships by showing your customers how much you care. How often have you filled out a survey to never hear back from anyone?

Domino Engagement System takes the pain out of responding back to everyone. Within our platform you can respond back directly to each customer thanking them for their feedback and trying to turn them into a fan.

Create Fans

Every great company leans on customers who are fans of your company to help spread the word about how much they love your product or service. Both negative and positive feedback can be used to help build a better relationship with your customers, including ones that aren’t yet current fans. Take the feedback that matters most to you in your surveys to improve your company.

Feedback is a way to build a better relationship with your customers.

Our system is helps you categorize your customers into four categories: Fans, Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. We’ve modernized that with a new category of fans because anyone who loves what you do should have their own category. In addition to that, we help you see each category as its own, and show you how you can turn passive customers into fans.

Learn from your customers, encourage them to root for your product or service, and grow your business’s success from your customer feedback.