Turn Your Trash-Talking Customers Into Foam-Finger-Waving Fans

Meet the simple-to-use software that (finally) gets useful feedback from your customers. The result? Increased engagement, an uptick in sales, and the supreme satisfaction of a job well done won.

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They Say Talk Is Cheap. But Talk From Your Customers? That’s Pretty Dang Invaluable.

Our simplified survey software embeds the first question of your feedback form straight into your customer’s email—meaning they’re twice as likely to start the survey, spill their guts, and clue you into the improvements they’re craving.

With Access To Powerful Market Research, Set Off The Domino Effect & Win Over Diehard Fans

(Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when your customers all start waving giant foam fingers saying you’re #1

Trash Talker
(Actively Negative)

The Happy Camper
(Actively Positive)

The President of Your Fan Club

The Bottom Line: How Do You Know What To Change If You Aren’t Checking In?

The insights that come from a successful survey are the
difference between lukewarm customers and lifelong fans of YOU.

Keep your customers coming back for more (and more)—after all, a lost customer is lost revenue, never to be seen again (dun, dun, dunnnn).

Pinpoint what’s pissing your customer off and ruffling their feathers— before they get frustrated enough to wander off and buy from a competitor.

Usually, customers only hear back when they complain. On the flipside, we make it easy to respond to good and bad feedback so your customers know how much they matter.

The only thing better than getting actionable feedback is acting on it. Making some of the suggested changes gives your customers exactly what they want—and shows ‘em you’re listening.

Be on everyone’s top of mind—and on the tip of their tongue—as they excitedly shout your name and products from the nearest rooftop. (Hint: You’ll be their best worst-kept secret.)

Find and fix your small mistakes (because we’re all human) before they snowball into big mistakes (because that sucks for everyone). These are the customer insights that catch crucial missteps.


(Because we’re here to help, and that means making sure you have all the nitty gritty info)

Whoa, this seems great. Do you have a demo I could see?

Of course! We want you to see first-hand just how intuitive and easy-to-use Domino Feedback is when you’re looking to collect market research with emailed surveys.

Once I buy and get set up, do you offer yearly updates or upgrades?

Yep. We update and upgrade the software on an ongoing (and as-needed) basis. As long as you’re subscribed, you’ll have unfettered access to the most effective customer relationship tools we offer.

Level with me—what’s pricing like?

Our plans are specifically designed to fit just about any budget or business size. In cold, hard numbers, plans range from $19/month to $99/month (and we also have custom levels for even larger businesses).

You talk about great customer service, but how fast is YOUR support team?

You’ll get a reply to your question, problem, or knock-knock joke within 24 hours. We’re all about helping you every single step of the way so you see the results you want.

Someone Once Said You Only Have One Chance To Make A Good First Impression

They must not have heard the second, third, fourth, and fortieth impressions are impossibly powerful, too.