What are the Top Ten Reasons that Keeps Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again?

top ten reasons customers buy again

There she was, on the other end of the phone, just waiting for my response.

She had called because she wanted to know if we offered her class on Sunday mornings at 10am. This was over 12 years ago when I worked at a Yoga studio.

I knew we were adding classes, but I wasn’t sure when.

I asked her if I could call her back within the hour. I needed to do some research.

She said that would be fine.

I called my manager, my boss, then the director. The director said that yes we would be adding a class. I asked who would be teaching the class. She told me and I knew the instructor. She was very good. She was a very fluid teacher.

I called her back about 30 minutes later.

Surprised by my call. “You called back. Wow!” she said

I smiled and explained to her that we would be adding the class and who was teaching the class.

She was impressed and she thanked me three times.

Customers buy from you again and again because of a lot of reasons, each one is for an emotional reason.

10 reasons your customers buy from you:

This are just 10 of thousands of reasons. When you are done, let me know what you would add to the list.

1. You Provide Solutions

Many customers don’t mind if you don’t know an answer, but you’re willing to find a solution for them you can win them over. You can also provide different options for them. Many customers like if you give them two different solutions and they can pick the one that is best for them.

Zappos is famous for being able to answer customers’ questions. You can call them and ask them what is the best pizza place in their neighborhood and they will research your a pizza and order it if you request it.

However you decide it’s good to be a type of company that empowers its employees to provide solutions.

2. You Care

A company that cares matters so much. I’m not talking about social causes.

I’m talking about caring about the customer. When a customer sees that you care about them they are so much more likely to buy from you again.

When you take the time to answer a customer’s questions and don’t try to rush them. You are showing you care. The same thing goes for an email reply. Are you showing your employees how to respond to questions. This is a good example.

3. You Are Consistent

Ahhh, the old adage of consistency. Tired of hearing this?

I’m not.

I’ve worked with companies that say they will do something and never follow through. It’s very disappointing. That’s why most customers give up on companies. There is a reason a company like McDonald’s wins the fast food war. They are consistent in their experience.

When you can deliver a consistent experience that’s when people really start trusting you and buying from you again and again. It’s not easy to stay consistent, but the more you can encourage your employees to follow through for the customer the more likely they will come back and buy again.

4. You Have a Quality Product

The quality of your product matters. If you have an inferior product at a competitor’s price range. Eventually you’ll lose customers. It’s the products direct relationship to price. If you are selling copy paper. Quality only goes so far.

The higher your price the higher the quality must be. The only exception is if you have no competition. Once you have competition then quality and price matter again.

5. You Engage With Customers

Taking the time to reach out to customers to find out what they like and don’t like about your products and services is vital to getting them to buy from you again. You can’t expect that great products alone will do all the work.

It’s why Apple decided to open physical stores. They wanted to have control over the experience people have with their products. As soon as you walk into a crowded store they have someone checking you in. You might not get seen right away, but you are treated with respect and know how long you might expect to wait.

They can also make sure the people that help you know their products well. I walked into an Apple store to check in and explained that my screen keeping magnifying on me. He showed me that there was a setting I needed to turn off so this didn’t happen again. I didn’t have to wait an hour. I was in and out in 10 minutes.

You might not be able to have a storefront, but you can still engage with you customers through surveys, phone calls, online events, and in person events. The more you engage the more you’ll learn about your customers.

6. You are Honest

Too many companies shy away from their mistakes because they are embarrassed or don’t want to take the time to fix their mistake. This is cowardly. It’s important to own up to your mistakes and this also will turn your customers into fans. They see that you care more about them than your bottom line.

Next time you make even a small mistake try this simple system. Own up to your mistake, apologize, explain why it happened, how you will fix it. That’s it.

I believe every company should empower its employees to help the customer understand how much you are. You might want to give them the power to waive the cost of the item or even give out gift cards, so they see that you are truly sorry.

7. You have Vision

A company with vision is a company that customers can get behind. I have a client whose mission is to help people quit smoking. She used vaping to make the transition and wants to help everyone in her city be cigarette free.

This is one of the most underappreciated items on this list. A company with vision is company that isn’t just in it for the money. They are in it to make an impact in their community.

8. You are Creative

Is your company creative?

This can be in your marketing, in your store, creating your products, with social media, etc.. However you are creative you must use it as a way to be creative with your customers. Does it help them understand you better and help them.

Next time you are planning an event or working on a new product ask yourself this question:

Could there be a better way to do it?

When you ask your team, to get creative and every idea is good, the crazier the better than you have a culture that puts creativity and the forefront. It’s this emphasis on creativity that will help you stay ahead of the pack.

9. You are Passionate about Your Work

You get excited about your work and the impact it makes.

Many of us start off passionate and we lose this as time goes on.

How do you keep people passionate about what they do at work?

Google still allows its engineers to have free day of creative work every single week. It’s no longer company policy, but the policy lives on because of the culture it build. Some of their best products like Gmail came out of it.

10. You are Grateful to have Your Customers

Maybe the most important one on this list.

A company that stays grateful and true to its core knows why it’s in the position they are in. Their customers and employees.

They are always finding ways to show how grateful they are by creating events for customers and employees. They don’t brush off customers because they are in a hurry or about to close. They know that if it wasn’t for their customers they wouldn’t be earning the living that they do.

Your Turn

What would you add to the list?

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