Use Your Company Personality to Build Customer Relationships

top notch service

Next time you are introduced to someone, notice how you feel.

Do you gravitate toward them?

Do you think you could hang out with them again?

Do they remind you of your gross cousin that loved to eat his boogers?

I was recently introduced to a guy who I know has a really a lot of potential of turning into a good friend. I was able to figure this out quickly because we laughed very, very soon into our first conversation.

We made various jokes that kept us laughing throughout our entire conversation.

Familiar Companies

The same thing happens when you are first introduced to a company. If you like their website or an ad then you are probably willing to want to know more about them.

Laughter is a big connection point. If you can make somebody smile, laugh, chuckle then you can quickly use this to build trust.

Company personality is just as important as company culture.

Company personality is outward facing. Company culture is inward facing. And both feed off of each other.

Your company personality sets the tone for your brand.

Everyone always talks about company culture how important it is to retain employees, which is true, but sometimes we forget how important it is to have company personality that shines through. Customers purchase from a company based on how the company makes them feel. That’s why company personality is so important to your sales success.

Top Notch Service

Michael Davies, Head of Sales at MacQuarie Telecom, rented a yacht. The cool part of renting a yacht is that you have enough money to rent a yacht, but the even cooler part is to do it from a high-end yacht rental company that takes care of everything for you.

Michael was told that if he ran into a sand where the water was low that they needed to call them and they would come bring wine and cheese. They did this because if the boat is not properly pulled off of the sand barge then you can seriously damage the boat. So if you call them they will help you get the boat unstuck.

Instead of giving their customers a dire warning and making them worry and feel bad they used their personality to create a connection with the customer. So now when you make the mistake of running into a sand barge then they come and reward you. It helps them make sure that their boats stay in the water and don’t get serious damage and it helps the customer feel like it’s OK to make a mistake.

It would be good to do this in your business as well.

You probably see this happen regularly in your day to day interactions. Next time you go into a restaurant notice the personality of the environment. Then watch what happens when you first get seated. If the waiter can get you to smile or laugh you’re more willing to give them leeway if they are not right on top of things. You are also more likely to give them a larger tip.

Your Turn

Now look at your company and how you show your personality. What can you do to help get people to endear themselves to your company?

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