How I Use Customer Feedback for Growth

Many of our customers aren’t sure where to start when gathering customer feedback.

Last week I was talking with a client. She didn’t want to start by asking the most important question:

How likely are you recommend our company to a friend or colleague?

Then they pick on a scale of 0 – 10.

She thought it was too much too soon.

I understood her concern.

I told her the question is a great way to start a survey because it captures how likely they are to share their company with a friend. This is the measuring tool that will allow us to understand who is a fan of your company and why.

Make It Easy

We also naturally critique our experience. Having the first question make them put a number to how they feel is an easy way for them to make a choice without getting too bogged down in details. Once they answer the first question it makes the next question that much easier to answer.

The easier you make it for them to start the survey the more likely they’ll complete it and give you the feedback that you can use to grow your company.

Every detail does matter.

Just like every customer matters from grumpy to happy.

They all deserve to be heard.

That’s why I created Domino Feedback. I wanted to create software that helped companies build upon not just satisfied customers, but fans of your business. The customers that want to tell everyone that they know how great you are.

Domino Referral System

The best part about using the Domino Referral System is that it’s only takes four steps.

  1. Pick your survey type.
  2. Import your customer emails. (Security guaranteed)
  3. Send email to customers.
  4. Respond directly to feedback inside of Domino Feedback.

This 4 step process will help you turn your customers into fans.

That’s it.

Once you see how a passive customer turns into a fan you’ll want to do this again and again.

Your customers well also see how much you care and want to share your business with their friends.

You’ll save time because replying back is so easy and you’ll understand how to fix mistakes and improve on your customer experience.

Utilizing Your Feedback

It’s the feedback that you’ll receive that you can use to improve your business. Feedback that you can’t get anywhere else because you can’t be an objective customer to your business.

Getting your customers feedback will help you find new ways to improve your customer experience, your website, and your product experience. This is vital information that you can only get if you make it easy for your customers to give you feedback.

I found the feedback that I get is the language that I use on my site because it helps me create a congruent brand. It’s this research that customers are willing to give to help you grow. It’s almost business magic if you do it right.

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