How Your Customers Define Your Brand

defining your brand

He couldn’t help himself. He described the burger like it was his last meal.

From the Radio Head ambience to the grease that was dripping out of the burger, he had an foodgasmic moment that he had to share with me.

I knew I had to go there that weekend and go get a burger.

From my friend’s story I could picture how the whole experience would unfold when I bit into my own burger from this place. That’s branding that a business can’t control, only encourage.

That’s why it’s so important to get good feedback so you know what you are encouraging people to tell their friends.

It all starts with who they tell. Who is it that they are telling? Is it their dad or mom or their best friend?

The next step is how are they telling them. Do they go into great detail and explain every amazing part of your product? Do they share how it made them feel?

It’s important that they have the ammo to tell a great story. It doesn’t matter whether you make great software or you make great yoga mats. People will tell their friends if the experience is worthy of sharing.

The easier you make it for them to share their experience the easier it is for you to get referrals.

What can you do?

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1. Create a system

A good system can go along way to helping you improve your customer experience. There is no consistent effort you will not get consistent results.

So that means you’ve got to reach out to customers and find out what their experience is with your product. Once you start getting qualitative and quantitative data back then you can review it and improve upon your customer experience.

2. Get more customer feedback

You only get the feedback that you need if you are willing to go above and beyond the normal channels. So that means sending out more than one email to make sure that they know you’re serious about feedback.

It also means you need to show them how much you care about their feedback and why it matters to you. The more that you show you care about your customer experience the more likely they are do you have a great experience. Because in the end it’s about forming a connection with your customers.

3. Ask customers for help

Now that you have increased the feedback and I have engaged with your customers you can ask for their help. You can do this and overt ways like asking them for reviews or you can do it in subtle ways that encourage them to think about your business during certain moments. For example if you make great birthday cakes and you want them to order another cake for one of the relatives next birthday then you might ask when they might need another cake. Or you might ask if you can send them a reminder email a month before then next birthday but they need a cake for.

4. Track results

The most important part of this whole process is tracking your results if you send out a survey and someone fills it out how do you review this information?

Do you review this information on a weekly, monthly, quarterly basis?

It’s important that you were able to distill this information and allow it to help you make smarter choices.

Your turn

What do you do to help improve the quality of your brand?

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