Don’t Leave Phone Calls Out Of Surveys And Here’s Why

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My wife stopped typing and waved me over.

“Check this out!” She said.

I walked over and she showed me the email that she received from a local nonprofit that we donate to. They thanked us for our latest donation and wanted to have a quick call to see if there was anything else they could do better.

“Isn’t that awesome!”

I smiled. She felt validated by donating to a company that cares so much.

They probably earned another five years of donations from that simple email.

That’s the beauty of engaging with customers, or in this case donors. You show them why you are good at what you do.

Emotional Connection

People buy from you because of how dedicated you are to your mission. It’s why you continue to keep buying from the companies that you love.

You know that they love little wiener dogs and big tacos. They show you what they stand for and have personality.

Personality creates an emotional connection.

I know that you can’t have a conversation with every customer, but you can have an employee in every customer-focused department (marketing, copywriting, design, etc.) talk to four customers each year and get insights into how they think and what they could do to improve the experience.

Once the survey goes out then keep track of their responses. Look at the wide range of customers from fans all the way down to detractors. Understand where they’re coming from and why they chose the score that they did.

Then choose a small group of intriguing customers that you can call. You want a wide range of different types of customers from fans all the way down to the detractors. Detractors and passives will be harder to get on the phone, but totally worth it if you can. Then email them and see if you can set up a time to talk. Try to make this as easy as you can for them. Give them a few different times that they can choose from or an invite to a calendar where they can pick their time.

I suggest not incentivizing at first. Just try to get your super fans engaged because they care not because they want the bribe. This just ensures that they’re more likely to be available to talk.

Create Engagement

The idea here is just to engage with them not grill them for every idea they have. You want them to know that it will be brief and you’re just curious about certain aspects of their feedback.

Most people will not get back to you because they are busy but it shows them how far you are willing to go to engage with them. You are willing to walk over hot coals to learn how to improve their experience. This is a powerful tool that so many companies don’t utilize. They see it as time wasting instead of customer relationship building.

The reality is thatt it is great marketing as well customer engagement. It’s this system that will help you keep in the loop for improving your business, encourage customers to keep buying from you, and they are more likely to share your business with their friend because they see how much you care.

A great survey is a really powerful tool when used to spark a conversation.

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