How Your Customers Define Your Brand

defining your brand

He couldn’t help himself. He described the burger like it was his last meal. From the Radio Head ambience to the grease that was dripping out of the burger, he had an foodgasmic moment that he had to share with me. I knew I had to go there that weekend and go get a burger. From my friend’s story I could picture how the whole experience would unfold when I bit into my own burger from this place. That’s branding that a business can’t control, only encourage. That’s why it’s so important to get good feedback so you know what you are encouraging people to tell their friends. It all starts with who they tell. Who is it that they … Read More

The Secret to Great Customer Service

I’m going to let you in on a secret that everyone knows, but just doesn’t want to accept. The real secret to great customer service is setting your customer’s expectations and still exceeding them. Customers always want to feel like they got the better end of the deal. From a meal at a restaurant to a night in a hotel. If the customer feels lucky to have paid you because you delivered a great experience then you’ve done your job. Now the real secret is how great companies do this year in and year out. They keep finding small improvements that help them create a better and better experience and end up leading their industry. They care so much that they … Read More

Why Companies Should Focus On Customer Service

Last week I was at two different restaurants. One for lunch and one for dinner. The first one was a train wreck. She made me feel bad for wanting to eat there. I think at one point she grunted when I asked for more water. The second restaurant experience was a complete 180. The restaurant had about the same atmosphere, but our waitress was off the charts good. She cared. She smiled. She started a short conversation with us and got us to share that we were from San Antonio, which allowed her to say she always wanted to visit San Antonio. It was a simple gesture that made us feel welcome. Great Energy She was so good that my … Read More

How I Use Customer Feedback for Growth

Many of our customers aren’t sure where to start when gathering customer feedback. Last week I was talking with a client. She didn’t want to start by asking the most important question: How likely are you recommend our company to a friend or colleague? Then they pick on a scale of 0 – 10. She thought it was too much too soon. I understood her concern. I told her the question is a great way to start a survey because it captures how likely they are to share their company with a friend. This is the measuring tool that will allow us to understand who is a fan of your company and why. Make It Easy We also naturally critique … Read More

Why I Created Domino Feedback

I created Domino Feedback because I was tired of seeing companies collect feedback from their customers and never using it. I know so many people who started and run companies that care about their customers, but this caring for me rarely came across to me. I want to change this. I want to help companies show their customers how much they care. If you do care then you need show your customers how much you care. It’s starts with listening to them by asking for their feedback. Then the next step is to reply back to every person that gives you feedback. Responding back to every customer who gives you feedback will make a big impact. How many customer surveys have you … Read More

Creating the Best Customer Experience

Creating the best customer service experience means having all of your dominoes lined up. From the first time they hear about you. When they check out your site. Their purchase. All the way to how you find out how the product is working for them. Each domino must tip into the next to create a great customer experience. Yes, every step matters. If they don’t like how they were treated during a particular part they might never buy from you or buy again. 58% of people tell their friends about their experience with your company if you create a great experience. That’s a lot of referrals if you do it right. As you probably know is easier to get a referral … Read More

Cultivating Customer Gratitude

Start your day with gratitude and watch how the rest of your day unfolds. It’s a powerful habit. Last week I was in a bad mood. I was feeling down because I deal fell through. I chastised myself. I call this my inner arch nemesis. You know that inner voice that likes to beat you up if you aren’t perfect. Yep, I knew you understood. I was upset because I knew I made some mistakes. As every deal comes together there are always a few mistakes here or there that make you cringe. Many times you have the opportunity to fix them and some times you don’t. I decided to go for a bike ride to release my frustration. I … Read More

The Journey Begins

Now the fun begins

I once had a friend tell me something very important. It’s something I’ll never forget. We were working on a claymation project that was based on a kids book I wrote. The book was called “I Wish Flowers were as Big as Trees.” I wrote it as soon as I graduated from college. We had a ton of fun with the project. As we were working late into the night I became tired. I wasn’t focused. My friend noticed my clay characters weren’t looking as nice as they had earlier in the dy. “Karl, why don’t you take a break.” I told him I was fine. “No, really take a break.” His brick tone caught me off guard. I walked … Read More