Your Business Needs a Storyographer

She opened the door and sat down next to me. Are you ready? This woman was interviewing me about my business and I realized something very important. I was going to share with her ideas and concepts that would help other people. It led me to an important question. Why don’t more companies employ a biographer for the company? Trying to capture the best stories that her company has to offer of the world. There should be no stories about how Adam was picking his nose on conference video when he thought his video wasn’t turned on. You want to put the focus on the people and the work. There are many ways to do this. You can interview employees, … Read More

Living Your Core Values at Work

Cheetah looking at you

Once upon a time, companies could treat customers almost anyway they wanted to. Information traveled at a snail’s speed. By the time enough people complained, the company had plenty of time to change it, apologize, and make sure they didn’t get too much bad press. Now fast forward to today. Word travels faster than a cheetah on steroids. It’s harder to think things through in today’s world. We don’t have the time that we used to to let problems sink in and make good choices. We act like the old school banking system and panic. Companies crumble. That’s why companies with strong core values always do well. They know what they believe and won’t let a crisis knock them off … Read More

Some Days are Just Rough

Celebrate tough times

I took on a big contract from a company in San Antonio to help my career and help me build my network. I knew it would create a time crunch for the clients I took on. Holy Shnikies! It was more than I expected. I wanted to schedule a client call and I kept having to move it. I felt really bad. I could tell my other clients were getting frustrated. One client stopped replying to my time changes for our meeting. You can’t escape the rough days, but you can learn from them. I decided to lay it out there and apologize. I apologized for my tight schedule and told him I’m trying my best. We’ve had a lot … Read More

5 Biggest Mistakes You are Making with Your Surveys

reviewing a survey

The man looked right past me like I wasn’t even there. I knew why but it did make me feel any better. I was out at the mall with my son. We went to look at a American history Lego exhibit that had been put up in all corners of the mall. My sons favorite was a Lego White House but took three engineers and 850 hours to build. We were both in a good mood and felt like celebrating. That’s why we were in the coffee shop, getting a cinnamon bun. I realized we needed a knife and a fork to cut the cinnamon bun and share it. I tried to catch the man behind the counter as eyes, … Read More

Use Your Company Personality to Build Customer Relationships

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Next time you are introduced to someone, notice how you feel. Do you gravitate toward them? Do you think you could hang out with them again? Do they remind you of your gross cousin that loved to eat his boogers? I was recently introduced to a guy who I know has a really a lot of potential of turning into a good friend. I was able to figure this out quickly because we laughed very, very soon into our first conversation. We made various jokes that kept us laughing throughout our entire conversation. Familiar Companies The same thing happens when you are first introduced to a company. If you like their website or an ad then you are probably willing … Read More

5 Tools When Dealing with a Difficult Customer

dealing with difficult customer

Her eyeballs almost popped out of her head. She took a deep breath and proceeded to unleash a flurry of curse words. I was 16 standing right next to the service desk and watching the whole scene. She missed the 30 day deadline to return her stereo by one day. My coworker did the unthinkable and started yelling right back. She had a rough day and was tired of being a punching bag. You can’t yell back. You can never yell back. It doesn’t make it right, but you have to keep your cool. That’s why channeling your inner Zen master is vital to great customer service. Here are 5 tools to help you become a master of your feelings … Read More

Personalize Service for Your Business

I wish I knew how many transactions occurred each day. 100 billion is probably close. That’s a lot of money being handed back and forth. A lot of it is automated. There are a lot of transactions that occur, but people forget that they happen. There is no thank you, there is no feedback, and many times you forget to appreciate them. Even the ones that aren’t automated can still be taken for granted. How many times have you gone to the store only to be treated rudely and they do not care that you are spending money there. This can’t hurt your business unknowingly until if they quit coming to your shop, they cancel the automatic payment, or even … Read More

What are the Top Ten Reasons that Keeps Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again?

top ten reasons customers buy again

There she was, on the other end of the phone, just waiting for my response. She had called because she wanted to know if we offered her class on Sunday mornings at 10am. This was over 12 years ago when I worked at a Yoga studio. I knew we were adding classes, but I wasn’t sure when. I asked her if I could call her back within the hour. I needed to do some research. She said that would be fine. I called my manager, my boss, then the director. The director said that yes we would be adding a class. I asked who would be teaching the class. She told me and I knew the instructor. She was very … Read More

5 Tools to Find Out What Your Customers Crave

What do your customers crave?

There are some companies that know their customer well and then there are others that I’ve worked with that don’t engage with the customers. Which category do you fall in? The clients that tell me that they know their customers well don’t usually know them as well as they should. The ones that say they don’t know their customers well are the ones that stay curious. They continue to learn more about what their customers crave from them. The companies that believe they know their customers stop staying curious and they don’t stay up to their changing customer demographics. Your customer trends and shifts that occur each month is vital to company growth. One marketing tactic will work well this … Read More

Don’t Leave Phone Calls Out Of Surveys And Here’s Why

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My wife stopped typing and waved me over. “Check this out!” She said. I walked over and she showed me the email that she received from a local nonprofit that we donate to. They thanked us for our latest donation and wanted to have a quick call to see if there was anything else they could do better. “Isn’t that awesome!” I smiled. She felt validated by donating to a company that cares so much. They probably earned another five years of donations from that simple email. That’s the beauty of engaging with customers, or in this case donors. You show them why you are good at what you do. Emotional Connection People buy from you because of how dedicated … Read More