5 Biggest Mistakes You are Making with Your Surveys

reviewing a survey

The man looked right past me like I wasn’t even there. I knew why but it did make me feel any better.

I was out at the mall with my son. We went to look at a American history Lego exhibit that had been put up in all corners of the mall. My sons favorite was a Lego White House but took three engineers and 850 hours to build. We were both in a good mood and felt like celebrating.

That’s why we were in the coffee shop, getting a cinnamon bun. I realized we needed a knife and a fork to cut the cinnamon bun and share it. I tried to catch the man behind the counter as eyes, but he was looking right past me at another customer who had an ordered yet.

I got it. I knew we had already paid it was onto the next customer trying to keep them happy, but in doing so he made me feel underappreciated.

I think the same thing happens when someone buys from you and never hears from you again.

This is a huge mistake.

Finding ways to keep customer engagement at a high-level should be a top priority for all business owners. The more questions your customer has, concerns, ideas, etc. the more they’ll feel appreciated and the more you’ll be able to learn from them.

Let’s look at five ways you can improve your customer engagement.

1. Thank Your Customer

A simple thank you can go a long way. I suggest making it a personal email for each person or at least a certain type of thank you email based on the score that they gave you.

A personal email is a little better because tailoring your message based on their feedback will show them that you read their message and care about their response.

2. Encourage Them

Are you using the buying experience as an opportunity for your customer to get in touch if they have any future concerns or ideas?

This is a perfect chance to address their feedback and encourage them to stay in touch. If you are able to stay top of mind they are more likely to refer you to their friends or if they want to buy future products or services from you.

3. Ask for Help (reviews)

If someone gives you a high rating like 10 out of 10 then this is a fan of your business. These people are in perfect position to help promote you to other people.

Now depending on your business you’ll want their help on different platforms. I have one client that encourages reviews on Amazon, another on Yelp, and another on Google.

Whatever gives you the best results is what you should be asking them to help you with.

4. Share Customer Stories

Once you increase your customer engagement with your customers you’ll start to notice that you will be gathering more stories. It’s the stories that will help define your brand and improve your marketing.

You can put the stories on your website. You can also use these as examples throughout the sales process. Because in the end the customers that buy from you usually by because they believe in you. The best way to build this trust is to tell stories that resonate with your ideal customers.

5. Create a Fun Event for Your Fans

You have a chance, as you gather feedback, to make it a fun experience for your customers. There’s so many ways to show your customers who are fans of your products/services how much you care about them and have fun doing it.

You can create an online event like a Facebook video stream. You can send out invitations for a live in person event. You can send out gifts or create a way for them to win prizes. The list goes on and on.

Your turn

What mistakes do you think you’ve made in the past with your own surveys and what would you do to add to this list?

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